A Statement of Taste

It is easy to say that a work of art is the best of its kind.  It is easier to say that it is incredible, or awe-inspiring, or important.  What reflects is a statement of taste about the reviewer.  We are all human beings and our personal preferences are idiosyncratic; we can only offer our perspective of the truth.

There is no Law of Art, so who can judge?  There are no definitive evaluations, just fleeting sensations of beauty and meaning: a momentary glimpse of truth provided by a lie, the product of imagination.

This blog will contain the best efforts of objectivity, but will eventually suffer from my own preferences.  Like the work of art itself, perhaps some eternal verity will manifest through my personal musings.

Every film, album, or show is a combination of different ingredients, which blend to offer a unique flavor.  The Sauce is my analogy.  Here you will find the most awesome Sauce I have ever tasted.  I hope you enjoy it!


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